We strive to make all our processes convenient to all our Clients & Tutors. In order to ensure that all common modes of payment are covered we offer 5 ways to make payment to Edupoint.

This page is still under construction so kindly contact us via WhatsApp to request payment instructions.

PayNow offers unparalled ease for payments. More details to come in the next little while…stay tuned

Internet Banking provides another easy way to make payment, safely & securely. We will be providing relevant information in this space soon.

If you are used to using PayPal for your online purchases, then we are sure that PayPal will be your payment method of choice.

Credit Cards enables easy tracking of payments all within a single bill. Plus with purchase rewards, you can earn as you spend. We accept credit cards too.

Sometimes it is best to stick to the tried & true methods. We understand the comfort of routine & the familiar. We will provide our banking details soon.

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