faqKindly peruse the FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions for common queries & their answers.

If you have concerns that are not listed here, kindly contact Edupoint and we will help you personally.




Client’s FAQ

I just made a payment to a wrong account number by mistake. What shall I do?

You will have to contact your bank immediately for assistance. You will probably have to take certain steps to recover the money from the unintended recipient. Edupoint shall not be liable for your loss if we provided the correct account information in time. If we provided a wrong account number to you and did not correct it before you make a payment to that account, we will take fair responsibility.


I’m having problems searching tutors on your website. What shall I do?

Just contact us. We will help you shortlist quality tutors based on your requirements.


Do you verify the tutor’s qualification?

Some tutors prefer to keep their qualifications private, so they do not want to reveal them on our website. They usually reveal their qualifications to us in private if they are interested in your tuition assignment. If you are interested in knowing a tutor’s qualifications, just submit a request to us here.

When we are recommending tutors, we will let you know their qualifications and relevant grades. If the tutor has deposited scanned copies of their certificates with us, we will forward them to you via email only at your request.

We always instruct the tutors to bring their qualifications certificates to the first lesson and encourage them to show the certificates to the clients.


How do I know the tutor’s educational information online is accurate?

We have instructed all our tutors to bring their academic certificates for your inspection on the first lesson. In this way you are assured right from the start of the tutor’s credentials.


Can I change the tutor if I am dissatisfied?

Yes you can but you must to contact us by telephone. Our automated system is not able recognize dissatisfaction. We could make it more intelligent but we would rather help you personally. Call us and our helpful coordinators will help you.


Once the tutor is selected, when can the tuition sessions commence?

We will get back to you within 2 working days with firm details of your tutor together with a convenient start date and time. You will be able to commence tuition sessions inside of a week from initial contact. You can however call us for express service in certain situations at no extra charge.


If I need to speak to a tuition coordinator, is that possible?

Yes, absolutely. We still maintain a human face behind our almost machine-like efficiency. You can call us at anytime and our coordinators will gladly accede to your requests.


Do I have to pay a premium to use Edupoint?

No. We collect a commission of 50% of the full month tuition fee from the tutor, just like a traditional tuition agency.


I have been getting tutors from tuition agencies the “old fashioned way”. Why should I use Edupoint?

Edupoint has built up a very large tutor database over its 12 year existence and this is completely at your disposal. You can browse tutor details and shortlist up to 10 tutors with qualities coincident with your requirements. Traditional tuition agencies rarely let you shortlist 2 tutors.



Tutor’s FAQ

How do I prepare for the first lesson?

The following checklist helps you prepare for the first lesson:

1. Record the full address of the customer.
2. Find out how to get to the place. If you need help, contact your coordinator. Plan early.
3. Store the coordinator’s contact number in your mobile phone. In case you are lost on that day, you will be able to contact us.
4. Bring your relevant certificates (original) and your NRIC. Show them to clients (parents/ students) without request.
5. Dress appropriately. Be professional.
6. Find out what areas the student is weak in.
7. Prepare what you would like to teach on that lesson itself.


Will my personal information be secure?

Absolutely! We will not share your information with a third party.


If I need to speak to a tuition coordinator, is that possible?

Yes, absolutely. We still maintain a human face behind our almost machine-like efficiency. You can call us at anytime and our coordinators will gladly accede to your requests.


What happens after I have uploaded my tutor profile?

Once your tutor profile becomes “live” in our database, clients/students will evaluate your suitability based on the information you provide and initiate “contact”. You will hear from us with more details.


How do I upload my tutor profile into your database?

The process merely involves entering pertinent details in our Tutor Registration page and clicking “Submit”. It has been proven that tutor profiles uploaded with a digital photo translates into more “hits”. You should therefore try to provide as much details with regards to your education, tutoring experience and of course include a photograph!


Do I have to pay a premium to be an Edupoint tutor?

No, we charge the standard commission just like most tuition agencies, that is, 50% of the first full month’s tuition fee.


How is being an “Edupoint” tutor beneficial to me?

Firstly Edupoint puts you in the “driver’s seat”; you adopt a proactive stance by these two methods

(i) You can select preferred assignments from our listing.
(ii) Customers can select you after viewing your tutor profile listed in our popular database.

Now you don’t have to wait for a call from a tuition agency and then “react” accordingly.



Edupoint Tuition Agency is Singapore’s leading tuition services provider. Our mission is to provide effective learning opportunities for students of all ages. Edupoint’s clients and tutors have been with us for many years and this is a testament to our dedicated service and professionalism. Edupoint’s management comprises of former fulltime tutors and ex MOE school teachers and we have a good handle on matters from perspectives of both students & tutors. We understand your concerns!

The FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions listed here are not exhaustive. Let us know if you have specific concerns and Edupoint will be ready to assist in every way possible!


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