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Read about us: Edupoint is a premier Singapore private tuition agency.

We provide private home tuition services to all levels in Primary, Secondary, Junior College (JC), Integrated Programme (IP), International Baccalaureate (IB), ITE, Polytechnic & University. We also cater to students in various International Schools in the GCSE, HSE, NAPLAN & IB programmes.

Established in 1996, Edupoint has a 20 year history in the education arena. Our large pool of qualified, experienced and dedicated home tutors are ready to help students improve in their academic performance and develop a love for learning. We have diploma, undergraduate, graduate, post graduate tutors, school teachers and ex-school teachers to cater to all academic requirements.

We have recently (2014) developed an Online Learning Unit to harness the power of web based instruction. Our online learning platform allows for our instructors to connect with students without the constraints of geographical location. This proves particularly useful in our Online AEIS Preparatory Course where students in China, Indonesia & Maldives prepare for admission to Singapore schools while still in their home countries.

Edupoint has a programme to suit every need. We look forward to working with you towards Education with A Difference.

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Here’s how to add a positive effect on a student’s capability

More students who require academic help are opting for online tuition. Many tuition centres and private tutors have started offering such classes in recent years, in addition to the traditional face-to- face tuition. Tutors and parents are happy with the current trend.

The entire idea of online tuition Singapore depends on innovation making tutoring interactive and advantageous. For instance, a student can record the coaching session while a mentor can use pictures, diagrams, and activities to guarantee that the student has a decent handle of the subject. Such advantages are coordinated to online tuition; which lets both students and teachers a chance to exchange assignments and notes through audio, video and content with lesson recording feature.

Private tuitions are becoming increasingly popular, which is not really astonishing as it is especially powerful in enhancing a student’s academic grades, as well as their practical understanding of extensive variety of subjects. There are many reasons why getting Private Tuition can have a positive effect on a student’s capability. There are many advantages of private tuition Singapore.

You can experience better cooperation and smooth communication with private and online tuition Singapore classes, a student might have an enhanced grasping power than with physical classes. Not at all like classrooms, a student won’t feel shy to ask questions and will feel relaxed to ask questions to his online tutor. Also, they can approach the online tutor whenever or see the classroom recording whenever they want.

Sending your child late night for tuition can make parents worry as they are not matured enough to travel on their own. Additionally, there are time issues like reaching late or being absent due to bad weather. In this situation, tuition agency Singapore comes as a friend in need as it gives your child a chance to learn within the comfort of their home.

School lessons can frequently be very inflexible in their learning style, as they regularly have exceptionally defined objectives and a solid dependence on text books. Private classes for the most part have a less formal approach however, as are more adaptable thus. This leaves tutors to utilize whichever materials and learning styles which they esteem generally helpful. Thus, a student will regularly be confronted with materials that they would not experience in school. These adjustments can be an extraordinary help, as they keep students from getting bored while in the meantime pushing their limits and giving them a challenge.

As a method of educating, private tuition Singapore is becoming more flexible and helpful. Tutors will come to you, which spare a great deal of time for both students and guardians with respect to travel. Arranging a reasonable timetable is effectively achievable, enabling sessions to be organized around school or other additional curricular exercises.

Private tuition Singapore gives students the open door for taking in a subject or thought before it is taught in school. In this procedure, the school or classroom can help students re-examining their subjects, and assemble confidence in them. An answer to any specific question has numerous aspects and demands legitimate direction to compose the right answer. In school, a teacher may miss out an important nuance. The major advantage of private tuition is that here you can pick the best tutor for your specific subject.

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