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Our large pool of Tutors have a diverse range of Academic Qualification & Tutoring Experience. We have Undergraduates, Graduates, Ex/Current School Teachers ready to carve a path towards Academic Success. Talk to us today & let us help you.

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Singapore Best 1 to 1 Tuition Services​

Our Tutors provide the Best Tuition Service in Singapore. Talk to us and you will be amazed at the pace of progress!​

Home Tuition Service

Face to face interaction is the best way to learn. Start Home Tuition and carve a pathway towards academic excellence with our capable tutors.

Home Tuition involves face to face instruction which is the best way to learn. The lesson is tailored to the individual student and there is frequent interaction between the student & tutor. The comfortable environment allows for the student to raise questions & clear misconceptions, without judgement.

Online Tuition Service

Explore learning convenience with Online Tuition. The best tutors are now within your reach as there is no “distance” between tutor & student!

Learn from the best tutor, no matter where they are! This is one of the benefits on Online Tuition. You are not limited to tutors that are willing to serve your location. This is the learning method of the future & its role is firmly anchored in the form of HBL. Embrace the future & experience convenient learning.

AEIS Tuition Service

Prepare to ace the AEIS tests with our AEIS Tuition Service. Our AEIS Specialist Tutors will guide you towards AEIS excellence.

AEIS Preparation is highly recommended for International Students seeking placement into Singapore Public Schools. We conduct special Online Learning package for students still in their home countries. It is advisable to start preparation at least 3 months before the AEIS test date. Start your journey towards success today!

Our Mission

We work with our tutors, parents & students to achieve the best possible outcome. We recognize that a working partnership with all stakeholders is required at every point of our interactions

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I get a Home Tutor or an Online Tutor?

Online Tuition is only recommended for students in Primary 4 and above. Home Tuition is perfect for students in all levels. In addition, Online Tuition works best for students who can learn with a fair degree on independence.

2. My son is in China & he wants to do the AEIS Preparation?

We also conduct AEIS Preparation as an Online Learning Programme. Talk to us & we can develop a learning plan catering to the individual student.

3. I have 2 students. Can they have tuition together?

Yes, our tutors can tutor up to 3 students in one sitting. The students can be all at different levels.

About Singapore Tuition Services

We are a Premier Tuition Agency with over 25 years of experience in the education landscape. We understand the learning needs of students & the anxieties of parents. This stems from our years as School Teachers & Full Time Tutors. Talk to us & we can quickly chart a pathway towards Academic Excellence

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