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Prepare for admission to Singapore schools with Edupoint AEIS Specialists

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Edupoint is a premier Singapore private tuition agency.  We provide reliable private home tuition services and online tuition services.

Singapore Private Tuition Agency. Established in 1996, Edupoint has a 20 year history in the education arena. Our large pool of qualified and dedicated private tutors are ready to help. Students improve in their academic performance and develop a love for learning. Parents feel safe that their children are in good hands

We have private tutors of different qualifications to cater to all academic requirements. They are diploma holders, university undergraduates, university graduates and post graduate tutors. We have also with us singapore school teachers and international school teachers.

Our private tutors assist students of different levels.

  • Primary schools and Secondary schools. Junior Colleges (JC), Integrated Programme (IP) and International Baccalaureate (IB). ITE, Polytechnic and University. We also cater to students in various International Schools doing GCSE, HSE, NAPLAN & IB programmes.


online tuition

We have recently (2014) developed an Online Learning Unit to harness the power of web based instruction. Our online platform allows for our instructors to connect with students worldwide. This proves particularly useful in our Online AEIS Preparatory Course.  Students prepare for admission to Singapore schools while still in their home countries.  They learn in the comfort of their home. Our pool of AEIS Specialists have proven to help many students enter Singapore schools.  These AEIS Specialists understand what it takes to help students pass.  Each student is designed a tailored program.  This is specially designed to help student achieve.

Discover how hiring private home tutors can be beneficial. It is important to offer children the right education platform. This task however is often the most concerning factor. Many parents face this issue. Cannot decide which form of education will be best prepare your child for the future. Many parents think that private tuition can be costly. Thay are also worried that private tuition might hinder their child’s natural learning abilities. Some of these myths regarding private tuition need to be clarified as soon as possible. Please do continue reading if you are still wondering whether hiring a private tutor for your child is the right decision. You will find out the benefits of hiring private home tutors for your child immediately!

private tuition agency

Personalized tutoring service will offer children newfound confidence. It also lend an extra helping hand in academic matters. If your child is lack in learning discipline, then providing him a personalized home tutor will help. Your child will be able to stay committed and focused on education. Too often, children are busy in their little world. Therefore, they will need constant attention from someone who can guide.  Someone who can also be a mentor to their young minds. With private home tuition, you can offer your children a constant guide towards long-term academic success. If you are looking for effective private tuition Singapore, then can offer you the best home tutors. We have qualified and experienced singapore private tutors. 

Ensuring quality education for your children is not an easy task. Our private home tuition specialists can help you ensure success for your children’s education. Thus, achieving quality education can become quite convenient and affordable. Classrooms tuition lessons can sometimes confine a child to a restrictive environment. Due to this, many students hesitate to speak up and clear subject-related doubts. With the help of dedicated home tutors, this will never be an issue. Your children can openly communicate with their private tutors. Get expert guidance on topics of urgent importance. Students receive personal attention and achieve progress within short time. With the right tuition agency by your side, your quest for a capable and dedicated home tutor can be attained.

Schools do not always allow students to get a firm foundation on subject basics.  This is because teachers are busy rushing to complete their syllabus.  They also to tend to a large class of students with a spectrum of abilities. This is where a good home tutor can fill in the gaps. A private tutor will attend to the immediate learning needs of the student. If you are searching for the best private tutor in Singapore, then will be your best dependable partner. You will receive reliable and committed tuition services from us while the student achieve from our tutors.  

Edupoint private tuition agency has a programme to suit every need. We look forward to working with you towards Education with A Difference.

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