GCE A Level Tuition

GCE A Level Tuition

The Advantages of Studying GCE A Levels

GCE A level tuition

The A Levels is the culmination of a 12 years of formal study in the Singapore education system. Students seek admission into a 2-year Junior College Programme or a 3-year Pre-University Programme after Secondary School. Students in the Integrated Programme sit for the A Levels at the end of Year 6. Currently the 3-year Pre-University programme is only available at Millennia Institute. All students sit for the same exam & the preparation for the A Level is just as intense in all schools.

The 2-year Junior College or JC Programme is well known for its intensity. Students are posted to a college in early February & all subject syllabi has a target completion date of end May or early June the following year. The active “learning” period is more like 18 months with the remaining months before the exams in early November is devoted to topical reviews & mock exams.

Apart from purely academic subjects like A Level Physics, A Level Math, A Level Chemistry, A Level Biology, A Level Economics, A Level Geography, A Level History, there is General Paper and Project Work. Project Work requires group effort in a research project with written submissions as well as an oral presentation. General Paper allows students to learn essay writing techniques & comprehension skills. There are many students that do not opt for the A Level study just because they have a poor command of the English Language.

The lecture-tutorial system in junior college is similar in structure to University. The JC students therefore get to “sample” university even before matriculation. There is a large degree of independent learning required. Lectures are targeted to about 200 to 400 students in one sitting. All students are expected to follow the lecture with the use of printed lecture notes. The “old” system of making students take their own notes has been replaced. This allow students time to focus of the lecture instead of furiously writing. Any queries are expected to be clear during small group tutorials. There is also 1 to 1 consultation sessions with the subject tutors. This is a “luxury” as one subject tutor has about 60 to 80 students to deal with.

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