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When students study literature, they learn to identify cause and effect and are applying critical thinking skills. Without realizing it, they examine the characters psychologically or sociologically. They identify the characters’ motivations for their actions and see through those actions to any ulterior motives. This is essential to academic growth.

It doesn’t come easy for Literature Students to master Secondary 4 Literature. It takes persistence, time & effort to be dedicated towards learning. To assist your child develop a deep understanding of Secondary 4 Literature, you should consider enrolling them in a quality 1 to 1 Secondary 4 Literature Tuition. The Best Secondary 4 Literature Tuition is available at Affordable Fees. The #1 Tuition Agency Singapore can assist you in this.

The Best Secondary 4 Literature Tutor is one who is well-versed with the Secondary 4 Literature syllabus or curriculum. Private Literature Home Tuition is the best way to excel with individually tailored 1 to 1 instruction. Literature Online Tuition is also fast gaining popularity as the Best Literature Tutors do not need to travel & therefore not restricted by geographical proximity.

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Best Literature Tuition

6 Steps to Score In Secondary 4 Literature



Define your strengths & identify the areas for improvement. This might require some self-reflection or assistance from a professional.



Learning does not come easy. Hard work & dedication is paramount to success. “Work smart” in conjunction with “work hard”.



A capable tutor will be an effective learning partner as help in school is not always accessible. Get a tutor at the earliest!



Your tutor will be the best person to design a tailored learning plan. This plan takes your current state & projects it towards success!



A plan is nothing unless it is actionable. Timelines, schedules & points of assessment allow for critical markers to be established.



The old adage still holds true. Practice puts theory to the test. Knowledge is made concrete only when it is applied constantly!

How Much Does Secondary 4 Literature Tuition Cost?

Singapore Tuition Rates for Secondary 4 Literature

Part Time TutorsFull Time TutorsMOE Teachers
Sec 1 Litfrom $45/hrfrom $60/hrfrom $70/hr
Sec 2 Litfrom $45/hrfrom $60/hrfrom $70/hr
Sec 3 Litfrom $50/hrfrom $70/hrfrom $80/hr
Sec 4 Litfrom $50/hrfrom $70/hrfrom $85/hr
Sec 5 Litfrom $50/hrfrom $70/hrfrom $85/hr

Express Literature

Sec 1 Express Literature

Sec 2 Express Literature

Sec 3 Express Literature

Sec 4 Express Literature

Normal Literature

Sec 1 NA Literature

Sec 1 NT Literature

Sec 2 NA Literature

Sec 2 NT Literature

Sec 3 NA Literature

Sec 3 NT Literature

Sec 4 NA Literature

Sec 4 NT Literature

Sec 5 NA Literature

IP Literature

Sec 1 IP Literature

Sec 2 IP Literature

Sec 3 IP Literature

Sec 4 IP Literature

4 Steps to engage the best Secondary 4 Literature Tutor

How to engage the best secondary 4 Literature tutor?


Timely Action

Waiting to engage a Good Literature Tutor just before the exams is not constructive. The Best Tuition Agency in Singapore can help!


Talk to Us

Let us know your Private Literature Home Tuition requirements. We will then get the Best Literature Tutor to fit your academic goals.


Flexible Schedule

Good Literature Tutors are in great demand. You need to be able to accomodate them to a certain extent. Try to be flexible in some tuition requirements.


Realistic Cost

The Best Literature Tutors command a fee that is commensurate with Qualification & Experience. The Best tutors do not come cheap.

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